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About Us


i-Dispatch is a subsidiary of IntelliTrac GPS Tracking.

It was developed as an internal system to manage IntelliTrac's team of Australia wide installation and service technicians.

Today the technology is available as a cloud based service to help organisations manage their mobile workforce.

i-Dispatch is currently used by many organisations ranging from local government city cleaning & maintenance, mobile healthcare, gardeners, mobile mechanics, plumbers, electricians, airconditioning services, transport and other service based industries.

At i-Dispatch we don't only write the software, we actually use it within our group of companies.

That's what makes us better!

Our Startup Year

Dean Calapai a Communications & Electronics Engineer age 23 leaves his job at IBM and starts Novatronics. He recently bought a new car and he wants to make the best car alarm in the world to protect his new car. He designs a car alarm in his parents garage, he builds them at night and he sells them during the day. But within the year, he ends up starting operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The product is so successful that it is sold through most car accessory shops in SE Asia, and his great product is also sold to car manufacturers such as Ford and Honda.


Back In Australia

Dean establishes an aftermarket division in Australia. He decides to supply automotive electronics such as car security and mobile phone technology to national fleets and car dealers in Melbourne Australia. He soon discovers that pens and paper jobcards are causing inefficiencies, double entry and staff forgetting to invoice jobs. He looks for a solution but can't find one. The company decides to write its own accounting and mobile workforce management software. Soon "Manager" a DOS based software program was released within the company and most paper was eliminated from the office.


Mobile Computing

Mobile Service Technicians are each given a new van complete with a laptop computer running the "Manager" software and also a printer to print out job cards and invoices. Each morning service technicians would come to the office, upload the previous day's data and download their jobs for the current day. The management team dreamed of the day that the techicians could be sent their jobs wirelessly. The "Manager" system would provide the organisation a series of reports and KPI's. Management soon saw the benefits. They could quickly analyse which clients, areas of the business, and which product lines were contributing the best profitability for the company.

How We
Got Here

IntelliTrac GPS Tracking

The internet age was well and truly here, and the business had grown primarily due to the KPIs and information gathered from the "Manager" software. Management quickly became aware that car alarms were becoming old news and not very profitable. So the engineering team began developing products to GPS track stolen vehicles. Soon management discovered that after having GPS Trackers fitted to company vans, staff suddenly became more efficient. A simple job messaging service was added to the GPS Tracker and IntelliTrac was born in 2002. The company began focusing on GPS fleet & mobile workforce management solutions.


Smartphones Come Of Age

From 2006 IntelliTrac battled to develop a job dispatch system based on Windows CE, Blackberry and Nokia's Symbian platforms, but it was too hard. Each time a new model phone was released, the software teams had to modify the software. With Apple i-Phones, i-Pads & Android smartphones & tablets becoming mainstream products, and Apps easily available through i-Tunes and Google Play, the IntelliTrac board of directors asks IntelliTrac's IT team to collaborate with the service and operations departments to produce an inhouse mobile job dispatch system. A basic system was developed within 3 months and further fine tuned over four years. Initially a simple job dispatch system was upgraded to take photos, capture signatures and manage job notes and documentation.


i-Dispatch Is Born

With the product reaching a mature and internally tested stage, Philippa Durante came on board as Managing Director of i-Dispatch. Her wealth of experience in the software market has further helped enhance i-Dispatch into a flexible & scaleable mobile workforce management tool which may be deployed over a variety of industry types. i-Dispatch is now used by small businesses such as gardeners, plumbers, electricians, cleaners, right through to corporate and government departments to manage there mobile staff more efficiently and eliminate phone calls, SMS and inefficient paperwork.


Meet Our Executive Team

Dean Calapai

Dean Calapai

Company CEO & Founder.

Dean has a degree in Electronics and Communications engineering and founded the company in 1987. He has a wealth of experience in Australia & SE Asia

Philippa Durante

Philippa Durante

MD i-Dispatch

Philippa was appointed MD of i-Dispatch in 2013. She has broad experience in software development, establishing dealer networks and client relations.

Mehmet Altuntas

Mehmet Altuntas

Lead Developer Project Leader

Mehmet has a wealth of experience in Microsoft, iOS and Android and was appointed i-Dispatch Project Software Development Manager in 2010.

John Durante

John Durante

MD IntelliTrac

John Durante Managing Director IntelliTrac since 2005. He has over 15 years experience in the GPS industry and is considered as one of the founders of the establishment of the GPS vehicle tracking business sector